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I read this great article the other day written by James Parsons on this website blog called  The author suggests that the majority of Facebook content is reposted and shared by other members and that only a small amount of content on Facebook is actually originally written.  This article is intended to promote content
Although a Facebook page is free to create, and can be a great way to help promote your business online, it is absolutely no substitute for your own business website. We'll break down why posting your unique content exclusively on social media networks, and most importantly, NOT your own website could be helping Facebook's bottom line more than your own!
Does blogging help SEO?  Yes, of course blogging improves your SEO!  There are many reasons why blogging affects your SEO in a positive way. This article will touch base on 3 of those reasons. 1. Long tail keywords and originally written content is what google loves to serve When you use unique words and phrases,

How To Setup Office 365 on Gmail

If you are like us, you probably prefer the Gmail email application over the Microsoft email application.  It’s not that Office 365 is in any way inadequate, besides it’s lousey search function and horrid contact management.  We just prefer the simplicity of Google’s Gmail; the layout is clean, the search function is genious, and the