General Website Questions

Every website we create is unique and therefore the time it takes to create them is different.  The average development time for a standard website is between 2-4 weeks.  More complex websites such as eCommerce or MLS typically take longer.

All of our websites come with a built in content management system.  This allow you or anyone you trust to login and make simple text edits to the website without any technical knowledge.

We are more than happy to make edits and provide maintenance to your website for you.  We have a selection of plans to cover all of your website needs.

Advertising & SEO Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this includes anything that affects your search engine rank online; Google, Yahoo, Bing.

There are 3 main variations of SEO: Organic Search Engine, Local Search Engine, and Pay-per-click.  Each specializes in bringing you customers from different aspects of the internet and they each have their own pros and cons.  Its best to incorporate a combination of all three.

Search Engine Optimization can work right away or take months to develop.  This depends on various factors such as competition, effort, and the methods you choose to employ.